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Sand Dune Safari

I have been doing some new things this month. I have a new piece that will go on the cover of The High Tides Guide for the next quarter. It is a piece that I did from a photo of my grandsons walking on the dunes at the beach on St. Simons Island. It is an oil painting.

I have photo that I entered into the local garden club garden show which will be shown at the Left Bank Gallery in April and then will be shown at the Garden Club Tour in May.

Lily Pads

Lily Pads

I am also working on a small commissioned piece that will be put up in the local library as gift to a retiring employee.

So I have gotten some good things that are associated with my artwork to come my way recently. They seem to come in bunches and then be elusive for periods of time.

Japanese Fan

Japanese Fan

We had a fairly busy month in Februrary working on 48 pieces for a resort who needed some pictures in their units. That was nice to get. Framing orders are really slow coming in. Although yesterday we put together a 31 x 78 inch mirror which to say the least is BIG.

Another piece that I have revived lately which I like is my watercolor of a Japanese fan that my husband brought back from his trip to Japan. I brightened it up and I love it now. Plus I framed it with a navy blue silk mat put a fillet in and put it in a beautiful Larson Juhl Gold frame. It is great to look at now.

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