Nancy Muldowney…an artist with a flair for interpreting the natural environment in various mediums on paper, canvas, and fabric. Equally at home with transparent watercolor, acrylic and the paintmaking process, she will use a brush, a stick of pastel, a technical pen or a brayer to achieve the right effects. Familiar landmarks or intimate views of flora and fauna are her favorite subject matter.Continuously looking for new methods to create interesting effects, she experiments in collaging with rice paper adding various paint mediums with unique results. Common elements such as starch or salt to make different kinds of textures become vehicles for experimentation. Various tools become her painting or drawing instruments.


“Every painting or print I do starts with a little seed of excitement about the subject or idea. From there, I envision the image I wish to create and jump right into the painting, doing backgrounds and simple images. Sometimes the end results are what I have envisioned and sometimes I let the work tell me how to proceed. There are always new ways to test my skills. I seldom say, ’I can’t do that’. Even though it may take several tries and many unresolved paintings, I am always ready to keep experimenting. That is the only way I continuously keep myself involved and excited about what I’m doing. It always has to be a challenge.”


A relatively new venue are large landscape murals for outlet malls in Darien, Georgia; Gaffney, South Carolina and Lebanon, Tennessee.”It was exciting to do them and I think of them as an open air museum available to people who may never go inside a museum or art gallery.” A book cover illustration and participation in another book are her ventures into the publishing side of art.


  1. Diane Wilgus

    I have always bought my husband your St. Simons notecards at the Glynn Art gallery on our annual vacation every summer. 2 years ago they were renovating and this year they did not have any of your notecards. Do you have any for sale in another place?

  2. donald perry elmore

    Just visited ‘sisters’ website for the first time but have been aware of her special talent for quite some time but at 81/me (78/she) that’s only 40 or fifty years ago. Growing up I wasn’t aware of the latent talent as I was preoccupied with my own ego. So in my mind she is a modern day ‘Grandma Moses/Elmore’. I still would like to see some of her work in the ‘oil medium’. I’ll pursue a conversation with her about that sometime. I am very impressed with her work so far and look forward to the next phase.
    PS: There are 21 different mediums in art


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